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Specialising in watch-faces for the Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, Versa Lite & Ionic.

Great News...

Switching between our watch-faces just got easier! 

There has never been a better time to buy an Olbia Coding bundle.
Update to your Fitbit's latest software and store UP TO 5 WATCH-FACES on your device.
Install all faces via the Fitbit app as usual, and use the clocks app on the device to switch between them!
Fitbit also allows storage of your licence key.
(BUT ONLY if you are swapping faces from the same developer .)

NO MORE REINSTATING YOUR LICENCE! But it only works if you own both the currently installed face, and the one installing. 

To buy the Olbia Coding Collection Licence, select any watch-face, and look for the special offers during the payment process.

(NOTE: Diamond is not available on Versa Lite or Ionic, and is not included in any current package deal)

(Or use the "Search and Buy Now - Install Later" link below)

Explore our designs

Select from 5 free designs, or our wide range of paid apps - individual prices range from US$1 to $1.50

We are pleased to announce that some of our designs are now available for Fitbit Ionic
All designs are suitable for the new Versa 2, but look for versions 4.0.0 or higher to ensure full functionality

Free Watch-faces for Fitbit Versa by Olbia Coding
Anaolg Faces for Fitbit Versa by Olbia Coding
Digital faces for Fitbit Versa by Olbia Coding
Dual Display Faces for Fitbit Versa by Olbia Coding

Want to pay for a new app, or renew an existing licence?

See our Support Documentation, or use the links provided below...

You can now view all our items, including bundle offers, and purchase a licence ready to install later from the Fitbit gallery - simply click the link above. PLEASE NOTE - you will still need to unlock the app once it is installed, using your email address and the 5 digit code that appears on the watch-face at the end of the trial. Simply use the "Renew Licence" link below.

Payment Instructions

All payments are handled via

This secure, third-party payment site offers credit-card or PayPal (A surcharge applies for credit-card).

Use the link below to go there now and enter your code

Reinstalling a watch you have already purchased.

You no longer need to renew licences if you are switching between Olbia Coding designs that you have purchased. (Versions 4.0.0 and above)

Otherwise, use the link below to go straight to the K-pay site. NOTE: You still need a 5-digit code by ending the trial period, and the email used to purchase.

About Olbia Coding.

Olbia Coding is a small, hobby based coding team located in Australia.

We specialise in designing watch-faces for the Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, Versa Lite and Ionic.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries or design suggestions.

Please fill in all details and submit the contact form

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IMPO, you make the best looking Clock Faces of them all. I love the One already - Hans

Face Off is a beautiful watch face, elegant in it’s simplicity and clarity.  It packs all the information I could possibly need in an uncluttered format that I can take in with just a quick glance.  I also like that I can flip between analog and digital with just one touch.  I have tried many others, but will not have to look any further. - Lesley

I love this clock face - Nix

I love your Fitbit clock face - Brad

Hi thanks for your great clocks, love the Analog on my Versa - Mal

Great watch face! - Joe

Thank you! Love it! - Sheila  

Just wanted to say your designs are awesome! - Hannelise.

I searched and tried a bunch of faces and found this to be my favorite for several reasons - Rick

Thanks for this cool face - Selvy

Thanks for the great Fitbit clock face - Jeanne

BTW I really like the faces. Uncluttered and simple yet with all the data I want to see.  - Susan


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