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Step-by-step Guides

1.1     Installing and paying for a brand new app
This section refers to apps not previously purchased.
See section 1.2 for instructions on how to reinstall a previously purchased app.
All payments are made via

Before proceeding to this site, make sure you have the unlock code.
The code appears on your watch-face at the end of the trial period. You can elect to end the trial period
early by toggling the switch in the settings for the watch-app, via the fit-bit app on your phone.
You enter the code from the watch-face, and then click “Continue”.
Follow the instructions to complete your payment.

- Please note that payments by credit card will attract a surcharge.
- Applicable taxes for your region may be added to the purchase price. These taxes are handled exclusively by
- Keep note of the email address used. You will need to state the correct email address when reinstalling the app at a later stage.
   (See section 1.2 below).

*** If you do not receive a confirmation email FROM K-Pay, you have likely entered an incorrect email address. This will cause problems when you try to reinstall later. Contact K-Pay to have this rectified.  ***

1.2          Re-installing a previously purchased app

If adding another app that you already own from Olbia Coding, or switching between 2 of our designs that you already own, your licence will be renewed automatically.

Otherwise, verifying previously purchased apps is done via

Before proceeding to this site, make sure you have the unlock code (See section 1.1) and the correct email address used to purchase the app.
On the K-Pay site, below the section for entering the code, click the option for “Already Purchased”, or use the "unlock" link provided on the left.
You then enter the code from the watch-face, and the email address used to purchase your licence.
Click continue (or next) to renew your licence.

This process needs to be repeated every time you re-install an app, UNLESS you already have one of our apps installed.


Section 4:       Troubleshooting

It is very unusual for a watch-face to cause problems with your device. If you do experience problems, first try the following steps:

Step 1: Try restarting the device .

This can be done in 2 ways:

            1. Via the watch-face - settings/About/Shutdown. Then hold the left (back) button for a 2-3 seconds to restart. (Release the button once you see the Fitbit logo)             2. Press and hold the left (back) and the bottom right buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds. This will automatically restart the device

Step 2: Try restarting the phone/Fitbit app  that syncs with the watch-face.
            Many minor issues, such as settings not registering, can be solved by restarting both devices to re-establish the connection. Be sure to resync as well.
Step 3: Try re-installing the watch-face.
              If you have problems re-installing, try installing a different face first, then re-installing the app.
Step 4: Try installing different watch-faces to see if the problem persists.

Step 5: Make sure all software is up to date. This includes the Fitbit app, the watch-face app, and the Fitbit device itself.
Step 6:  As a last resort, try resetting the Fitbit device to factory settings.

             This step will require setting up the device from scratch, but your information will still be available in the Fitbit app.


If these steps fail to resolve the issue, and you believe the problem is with the watch-face, please contact support by email:, or use the contact section at the bottom of the home page.

If you find that the problem is with your device, not the app, and these steps have not resolved the issue, then please return the device to the retailer, or contact Fitbit support via their website. (See links at top of page for Fitbit help sites)

Specific Watch-faces


There are currently no known issues with any of our designs.

If you experience any problems, please let us know via the contact form on the Home Page.

Be sure to include the name of the app and the Fitbit model it is installed on. (Versa, VersaLite, or Ionic).

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